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Program for Analytics and Compliance Education

Now is the time for regenerative medicine clinics, related medical service providers, and industry to comply with current regulations concerning Human Cells, Tissues and Cellular and Tissue-based Products (HCT/Ps). 

Across the United States, targeted enforcement of federal regulatory standards for the field of regenerative medicine has intensified. 

The US FDA and FTC, along with state authorities, professional licensing bodies, and other oversight agencies are all involved. Tech giants are now using their powerful search algorithms to identify  language used to promote the  stem cell  industry, and they too have tightened their own rules relating to the marketing tools used by those who practice regenerative medicine. 


Figure 1. Aggregate Target


Figure 1. Aggregate Target

Regenerative Outcomes’ PACE program provides collegial education for practitioners, related industry, and legal teams to help them more objectively navigate regulatory requirements and enforcement by highlighting potential non-compliant data about website content intended for the public.


Regenerative Outcomes developed PACE using Generative AI, and software-driven heuristic models inspired by companies and regulatory bodies like the FDA, Google, the Federation of State Medical Boards, International Society for Stem Cell Research, AARP and more. 


Take action now by contacting Regenerative Outcomes to learn how our PACE service can help your company or practice improve its compliance posture with Federal and other authorities.


The call you make today could help determine the future of your vital and life-changing work, and reduce an enforcement risk that could dilute both your potential - and  your bottom line.

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