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Monthly Consulting

Month-to-Month Consulting is a great option for a provider who wants the convenience and flexibility of on-demand professional support. 


Examples of "relevant" consulting categories may include, but not limited to:


  • Regulatory Guidance, Education, and Strategy Orientation to Path to Market Options

  • Development of Customized Roadmap

  • Homologous Use Practices

  • Minimal Manipulation Processing

  • Functionality Purpose Target

  • Structural vs. Non-Structural HCTP I Tissue Qualification

  • Advertising / Labeling / Claims Practices

  • Web, Social Media Practices

  • Informed Consent Protocols

  • Recovery, Processing and Delivery Devices / Methods

  • Regulatory Engagement Positioning and Strategy

  • Integration of Proposed CDMO Operations

  • Providing Guidance Related to the Client’s Business Model


Month-to-Month Consulting means you have an advocate in your corner, working toward the successful completion of your goals. 

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